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00:00Check-in 💻 for the Workshop participants!
00:50Workshop Kick-off ⚽️! - Participants with Workshop tickets

Dim Sum Thinking

An Async/Await Kickstart

Over the past two years Apple has introduced their new framework for working with asynchronous code. It is well thought out but consists of so many pieces and techniques that it might feel overwhelming. In this fast - moving, code- along workshop we will explore many of the areas of async / await and friends. The goal is for you to get an overall idea of what is going on and how it works while briefly exploring many of the areas. We’ll motivate the topic with error handling in Swift and move on to async methods, the await keyword, and Tasks.

03:00Break ☕ 🚻 💬

Dim Sum Thinking

An Async/Await Kickstart

We'll move on to examples of asynchronous sequences, notifications, url sessions, and other Apple APIs.We’ll finish with async in SwiftUI, structured concurrency, and actors.

05:15Lunch 🍱 for Workshop participants
05:15Check-in 💻 for Conference attendees


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Some things never change, like the love that we have for 👩‍💻🧑‍💻📱


Bally's Interactive

Mo Tips, Less Problems - Building a Tip Jar in StoreKit2

This talk will cover the updates Apple has made in StoreKit to make our lives easier when working with StoreKit2. Tunde will talk about how can use these new API’s to build a tip jar, things to look out for during submission and exciting other topics



Swift Charts with WeatherKit - Behind the Scene


07:40Coffee Break ☕️


SwiftUI Performance Tips

In an amazing app experience, every frame drop counts. In this talk, we will see the most common pitfalls that slow SwiftUI apps down. We will learn about animation hitches, using Instruments, debugging techniques and some practical tips that will improve the performance of your apps.


Rakuten Viki

Shadow Rendering Performance

Drawing shadows are expensive 🤔 Is this because of the rendering engine? Wait, what does the rendering engine do? Let's find out!

08:50Short Break ☕️ 🚻 💬

Erin Does Things

Experimentation for Engineers

In this talk, Erin shares how the conversion design process and A/B testing helps you understand the impact of your work. You'll learn how iOS engineers can contribute their skills to improve both the customer experience and business results. And you'll see a few fun examples of surprising A/B test results. Get excited for her upcoming book, published by Rosenfeld Media, called "Design for Impact." It's all about product experimentation, and it will be released in 2024. Check out to get notified when it's released!


Shipping Side Projects in 2-2-2 Easy Steps

Jordi is an indie developer building products for Apple platforms. He has launched more than 20 apps and side projects over the last two years, seven of which have been featured on the App Store across the world and he was one of the finalists for the Apple Design Awards this year. In this talk he will walk you through his 2-2-2 method which helps you keep your ideas small, and actually ship them.



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